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How To Sell Your House For More

FLIPRO are the house flipping professionals. We’ve got over 30 years combined experience in real estate, construction and finance. Now, we’re bringing that expertise to you. From DIY home improvement advice to engaging the right trades and maintaining a healthy, positive mindset, FLIPRO has the experience you can count on and the knowledge you can trust when it comes to renovating your house to sell.


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 We started FLIPRO to bring all Australians the opportunity to realise the monetary rewards that can be achieved. The property market has forgotten about unlocking the full potential for the landowner, why let someone else swoop in, grab the opportunity by the bricks.

We understand that it is not just bricks and mortar, but amazing individual stories. We want to make a difference by providing unparalleled service and expertise. We believe we have developed a process to helping clients unlock the potential of any property.

We like to think that we see things differently, we take into account all aspects of your property and devise a strategy for you. Thinking outside the box, we want to develop the best way forward for you to maximise your sale.