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Don’t need extended payment terms or have the time and know how?

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Whatever it is, we help maximise your properties sale value and that’s what makes all the difference.

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Our work speaks for itself, our happy customers agree! Some of our recent results can be seen in our projects.

Our work is our referral. Our quality and finish is second to none.

FLIPRO is the key to unlocking your property’s potential.

FLIPRO is a Melbourne based, all encompassing pre-sale residential renovation company. What makes us different? We can offer extended payment terms to you, the landowner, meaning we cover the bill for any works undertaken and you pay no fees till settlement!

FLIPRO provides you with all the renovation options to consider when wanting to maximise the sale price of your property. We help devise the right pre-sale strategy for you, offering a unique service and insight on how to unlock your property’s potential. Our goal is to alleviate all the headaches and difficulties faced with pre-sale property renovation and developments.

Our process

At FLIPRO, property and people are our passion.


Collaborating with you, we provide pre-sale expertise, advice and renovation strategy so you can unlock your property’s full potential and maximise profit.


Once the renovation is complete, the Real Estate agent takes over and the property achieves the optimal sale price.


With our extended payment terms available, you can pay the costs associated after you have settled on the property. No out of pocket expenses for you!

We love building things with bricks and mortar, but more importantly building relationships.

Your property’s potential is there to be unlocked, all you require is the FLIPRO key!


At FLIPRO, property and people are our passion.

We love building things with bricks and mortar but more importantly building relationships. We understand property is about creating amazing individual stories. We offer the personal touch and transparent end-to-end service in any job we undertake, offering you peace of mind and ongoing support. We want to give everyone the opportunity to renovate and achieve the best sale price. Flipro will help you capitalise on the full equity of your property.

Keeping you in the loop

FLIPRO works closely with all stakeholders to achieve the best results.

FLIPRO, together with the landowner and agent, is a match made in property heaven! Collectively we will determine the market, the necessary improvements and understand and avoid the pitfalls. Our obsession is to help deliver a first-class project that achieves the optimal outcome.

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