St Ives, NSW

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St Ives, NSW

This is what a million-dollar uplift looks like!

The paint had literally just dried on this one when it was sold for $2.6 million before the scheduled auction date. That is a whopping $1.2 million since it was bought in 2018 and it exceeded the anticipated sales price of around $2.2 million by $400,000.

According to SQM research house prices actually fell by 1.5% in St. Ives over that three-year period.

So, how was this outcome achieved?

Research of the target market led to the decision for an extensive revamp and re-configuration of the floor plans with a level of attention to detail rarely seen. The quality benchmark required for this property was carefully considered before the renovation started.

This 1960’s double brick gem has been transformed into a modern-day beauty. The interior showcases a high-end monochromatic colour palette complete with marble bathrooms and state-of-the-art kitchen.

Meticulous project management ensured that quality trades adhered to budget and timeline. Our extended payment terms enabled our client to get the property market ready without being out of pocket until settlement.

Narre Warren, VIC

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Narre Warren, VIC

We completely overhauled this home to get it ready for market. The scope included: painting and flooring internally, a complete bathroom update, a new kitchen including all appliances, driveway concreting, external deck upgrade as well as numerous miscellaneous bits and pieces as is normal for any renovation. We have achieved quite a bit considering the budget and have another really happy customer! The works were completed by one of our smaller teams within a 4 week period.

First listed on 21 Jul 2020, unfortunately shortly after the start of Melbourne’s second lockdown, it remained on the market for 37 days before selling for 610k on 26 Aug 2020. As it was quite a tough and uncertain time on the property market, $610,000 was a great achievement and well within the anticipated $600-630,000 range especially considering the circumstances of Melbourne’s strict second lockdown. This produced a $90-100,000 uplift compared to the ‘as is’ condition with a total project budget of just under $50,000.

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Golden Square, VIC

A professional renovator contacted us at FLIPRO as his renovation project had stalled. He required some funding which we provided through our private funding lines, allowing him to avoid months of delay due to refinancing.

FLIPRO stepped in and within a week he was back on site. We gave him the opportunity to reach the market within the timeframe projected, avoiding delays on the build, whilst paying less in fees and out-of-pocket costs.

Although we didn’t have to be too hands-on with his first project, we were heavily involved with assessment for this next acquisition. As they say in the classics “It was the start of a beautiful friendship.”

We now work with said renovator on every project he undertakes, helping in the assessment and feasibility of each property.

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Sailor’s Gully – Sailor’s Gully, VIC

A young family was about to start a new chapter by building their new family home, the only thing left to do was to get their current home sale ready.

An absolute credit to them, this home was beautifully transformed. With FLIPRO’s help they were able to turn it into an ultra-modern and sophisticated home, yet it still retains elements of its historical significance.

FLIPRO offered them a unique way to maximise their profit without being out of pocket until settlement.

We offer a sophisticated service for Owner Builders catering to their specific needs by providing guidance from start to finish, finance and in depth advice when needed.


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Sydney – Newtown, NSW

Agents from Ray White introduced us to this one. It was a great opportunity to help out a homeowner facing distress and uncertainty due to a dispute with their builder who walked off the job!

After assessing the situation, our findings uncovered that the client had used incorrect contracts with their previous trades and was also under financial pressure from their bank.

We devised a strategy and a personalised contract to suit the homeowner. As a result, works commenced within 14 days of initial contact.

We organised and paid quality trades from day one and arranged emergency funding to appease the bank. More importantly for the client, due to our extended payment terms, our renovation contract was paid after the property had sold and settled.

The final sale price was 30% higher than if the property was sold at the time before FLIPRO intervened. This was due to FLIPRO putting in place 30 years of experience for a homeowner in distress.



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Melbourne – Footscray, Vic

An agent from Rodney Samuels referred us to this particular project. This build included a professional builder who had funds allocated and tied up in other builds. He was obviously a competent builder who had the ability to complete his own project, thus only required funding.

Rather than having to wait eight weeks for invested funds in other projects to become available, FLIPRO gave him the opportunity and the necessary funding to pay contractors and keep the build on schedule.

With the support of FLIPRO, the builder was able to complete a superb build which achieved the best possible sale price.