Our process gets you the best sale price with no fees due till settlement!

We believe that your project will be completed faster and cheaper than if you embarked on it by yourself.

Our process can be broken down into the following steps.

Renovate it.

Collaborating with you and the necessary stakeholders, we determine a pre-sale renovation strategy that will maximise the sale price of your property. Once the strategy is agreed upon, we provide a quote and we start the work.

Sell it.

The Real Estate Agent agreed involved in the pre-sale renovation strategy will take your property and campaign to market and sell the property.

Settle it.

With our extended payment terms and ‘Renovate Now, Pay When You Sell’ model, you don’t need to pay us for the works until the sale of your property has settled. All of this is done with no upfront costs or out-of-pocket expenses for you.

It’s the personal touch that matters.

At FLIPRO we want to help everyday homeowners maximise the value of their property through the right renovation strategy.

As market leaders in this space, we can manage the entire renovation process from inception to completion or step in when required. Whether you are new to renovating or a seasoned campaigner, we provide all the necessary support and tools to produce the best product to take to market.

We will keep you up to date, walk you through each step, manage all the work, and deliver on your expectations.

Let us take care of everything so you can enjoy the benefits.



The application process is all about understanding your situation and how we can help. Completing the appropriate forms and providing the necessary information gives Flipro insight and an overview of your project. During this process, there are a number of steps that we will manage and support you through.



Completing a feasibility study that determines the renovation strategy is critical in pre-planning. We bring everyone involved in the project to determine how to maximise the property’s value and create a seamless plan to follow. Pre-planning determines all the details, for example, timeframes and budget. Simultaneously, we can help organise the finance, the quotes, the trades, the real estate agent… we can even redirect your mail. It is imperative that all parties involved in the project agree to the strategy devised in pre-planning.



Flipro organises and provides all the necessary documentation required to undertake a renovation. This includes a number of elements such as; insurance, builders registration, and financial contracts. With the strategy agreed upon and the documentation signed off, the next step is to start the transformation.



The bricks and mortar finally get some attention, this is what we love to do, watch a project transform and become a reality. We will manage you through this process and walk you through the progress of each stage. Be involved or just sit back and watch the project unfold, up to you, but if you like projects you will love watching what we do.



Your property is ready! It’s now time to put the property on the market. Rest assured we are still supporting you through this period and that you have potential buyers fighting over what your property has become. Collaborating with our network, we will provide the best advice on how to go to market.


Post Settlement

Unfortunately, this is where the relationship for the project comes to an end, but hopefully, it is just the start of moving on to the next project. The benefit of working with FLIPRO is that we will unlock that potential and you will be forever grateful that you chose to work with us… oh and you settle your bill with us and everyone is happy!

Property Specialists

FLIPRO makes unlocking your property’s full potential simple.

FLIPRO helps devise the right pre-sale strategy for you. We offer a unique service, insight, and extended payment terms to help the homeowner reap the rewards of a pre-sale renovation. Our results prove FLIPRO achieves optimal outcomes, increases your profit, and results in your property spending less time on the market.

Our Expertise

FLIPRO’s experts customise property solutions for you.

We are dedicated and love what we do at FLIPRO. We specialise in identifying and completing any project which results in a superior product to take to market. With over 30+ years of extensive experience, our team of experts will collaborate with you and tailor the relevant service to suit your needs, including:

  • Renovate Now, Pay When You Sell

  • Project Management with/for homeowners

How We Work

People and Property are the two most valuable things at FLIPRO.

At FLIPRO, property and people are our passion. We love building things with bricks and mortar but more importantly building relationships. We understand the property is about creating amazing individual stories. We offer the personal touch and transparent end-to-end service in any job we undertake, offering you peace of mind and ongoing support.

Extended payment terms so you can Renovate Now, Pay When You Sell.