St Ives, NSW

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St Ives, NSW

This is what a million-dollar uplift looks like!

The paint had literally just dried on this one when it was sold for $2.6 million before the scheduled auction date. That is a whopping $1.2 million since it was bought in 2018 and it exceeded the anticipated sales price of around $2.2 million by $400,000.

According to SQM research house prices actually fell by 1.5% in St. Ives over that three-year period.

So, how was this outcome achieved?

Research of the target market led to the decision for an extensive revamp and re-configuration of the floor plans with a level of attention to detail rarely seen. The quality benchmark required for this property was carefully considered before the renovation started.

This 1960’s double brick gem has been transformed into a modern-day beauty. The interior showcases a high-end monochromatic colour palette complete with marble bathrooms and state-of-the-art kitchen.

Meticulous project management ensured that quality trades adhered to budget and timeline. Our extended payment terms enabled our client to get the property market ready without being out of pocket until settlement.