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Sydney – Newtown, NSW

Agents from Ray White introduced us to this one. It was a great opportunity to help out a homeowner facing distress and uncertainty due to a dispute with their builder who walked off the job!

After assessing the situation, our findings uncovered that the client had used incorrect contracts with their previous trades and was also under financial pressure from their bank.

We devised a strategy and a personalised contract to suit the homeowner. As a result, works commenced within 14 days of initial contact.

We organised and paid quality trades from day one and arranged emergency funding to appease the bank. More importantly for the client, due to our extended payment terms, our renovation contract was paid after the property had sold and settled.

The final sale price was 30% higher than if the property was sold at the time before FLIPRO intervened. This was due to FLIPRO putting in place 30 years of experience for a homeowner in distress.